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What is Running with Rhinos?

Running with Rhinos tells the story of radical conservationist, Ed Warner’s gritty, sweaty, sometimes scary, and exhilarating work saving endangered rhinos in Africa.

As volunteer support for the International Rhino Foundation’s Rhino Conservancy Project in Zimbabwe, Ed is literally the boots on the ground in their conservation efforts. His book succeeds in telling a remarkable story of the extraordinary bonds between humans–and their dedication to protecting endangered animals–all while weaving eye-opening stories about the flora, fauna, geology, geography, and politics of sub-Saharan Africa.

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Who is Ed Warner?

Ed Warner is a noted philanthropist and conservationist. A former geologist, Ed now dedicates his time as a conservation expert to research trips and efforts to save endangered animals. His long-standing love for Africa connects him deeply to the savannas and the animals living there, particularly the black rhino. Ed’s radical conservation strategy unites organizations, private landowners, and indigenous communities to promote the welfare of endangered animals.

“Conservation without sustainable livelihoods for the people living with iconic wild creatures will not succeed. A rhino must be seen as more valuable alive than dead.”

-Ed Warner, Radical Conservationist


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Learn more about how you can get involved with IRF and their work to save rhinos.

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